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    • Age With Style and Grace

      1 December 2020

      (Family Features) Aging may be inevitable, but with advancement in research and technology, there are plenty of ways you can slow, or even reverse, the hands of time to stay healthy and promote longevity. 

      Consider these ideas from Longevity Labs+, a company dedicated to cutting-edge aging research and the makers of spermidineLIFE, a first-of-its kind, clinically studied supplement containing natural spermidine, which renews cells and can reverse the signs of aging:

      Protect Your Skin
      Not only does your skin protect vital internal organs, it’s an essential barrier to intruders like bacteria and other infection-causing microbes. The skin is also the body’s greatest tool in managing hydration levels and providing critical cues to your nervous system about things like temperature and pain. 

      With such a big role in your overall health and well-being, the skin often shows the first signs of aging. Wrinkles and age spots are often indicators of a person’s true age.

      However, you can reduce the visible impacts of aging on the skin with daily care. Regularly moisturizing helps keep skin supple, and diligent sunscreen application year-around can protect your skin from damaging sun rays. Some compounds and nutrient plans can help nurture youthful skin. 

      It’s also important to closely monitor your skin for changes, especially changes to moles or other spots that may be signs of skin cancer, which is generally treatable when caught and managed early. In addition, collagen peptides and a spermidine-rich diet can be key in ensuring healthy skin into your later years. 

      Maintain Clean and Healthy Cells
      You may not realize it, but as each day passes, your body’s cells age, die and accumulate toxic matter, which disrupts cellular function and causes a myriad of age-related diseases such as dementia and cardiovascular disease as well as decreases immune function. However, a compound naturally produced by the body and found in nature called spermidine can clean cells of toxic matter so they can operate with renewed youth and efficiency. Spermidine triggers a cellular renewal process called autophagy, which allows cells to shed layers of waste and regenerate instead of slowing down and dying off. As the body ages, natural levels of spermidine decline, cellular regeneration slows and signs of aging are accelerated.

      Spermidine is a key to anti-aging and is believed to help reduce the onset of neurodegenerative and age-related diseases. You can boost spermidine levels by eating certain foods that are high in spermidine, like lentils, soybeans, mushrooms, aged cheese, pears, broccoli, peas and cauliflower.

      However, few people eat enough spermidine-rich foods to maintain optimal levels in their later years. Taking a supplement like award-winning spermidineLIFE* can support cellular renewal and help cells stay young and healthy. The first and only clinically studied spermidine supplement in the world, it includes spermidine naturally extracted from European non-GMO wheat germ along with carefully selected vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. 

      Manage Physical Health
      As you grow older, your metabolism slows, making it easier to hold onto extra weight. Excess pounds are associated with numerous health risks, in addition to slowing you down overall. Maintain a more youthful body and mobility by consuming a well-rounded, nutritious, whole-food diet and committing to regular exercise, which can help not only banish extra calories but also keep your muscle tone strong, your balance steady and your posture straight. 

      Just as important as what you do to protect your health as you age is what you don’t do. That means limiting alcohol, quitting smoking and avoiding the temptation to indulge in high-fat and sugary foods.

      Support Mind Matters
      Worry lines aren’t just wrinkles that come with age; they can be a sign of persistent angst. From stress to lack of sleep to slips in memory, there are plenty of reasons to focus on your mental health as you advance in years. 
      Getting enough rest can play a big role in your physical health as well as your mental wellness. Too little sleep prevents your body from reenergizing itself fully and can affect your cognition and mood. Worry and stress can also cause you to feel your years. Information is key, and smart devices such as heart rate and sleep trackers can provide you with the necessary information to find what helps and what hurts healthy circadian rhythms and deep, regenerative sleep.

      Growing forgetful as you age is also common to an extent, but memory problems can be exacerbated by stress, lack of sleep and other factors. You can also keep your mind sharp by playing games, doing puzzles, reading and maintaining an active and engaging social life with others. Even during this pandemic, phone and video calls can help engage your mental state through important social activity.

      Find more ideas for navigating your later years with grace at

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    • Draw in Finicky Eaters With Colorful Topping Bar Meals

      1 December 2020

      Some kids want only hot dogs for lunch and dinner. Others will have nothing to do with anything green or with one food touching another. Whatever your kid’s particular penchant, there will always be finicky eaters and parents who are looking for painless ways to broaden their child’s appetite.

      One way to do that, say child nutritionists, is to encourage your child to cook with you, even if only by adding ingredients and/or stirring the bowl. Children who engage in cooking a meal are more likely to eat it.

      Also, because children tend to imitate what others do, another way to tempt your child, without fraying nerves or deepening resistance, is to offer alternatives in a casual way that encourages new food choices:

      Personal Pizzas - Create personal pizzas from store-bought dough and top each with a favorite sauce. Then, lay out a toppings bar so that each family member can ‘build’ their own pizza from choices like sliced ham, shredded chicken, pepperoni and even sliced hot dogs, if that’s your kid’s favorite—plus cheese and a colorful, tempting array of chopped veggies and pineapple chunks. Pop the finished masterpieces into the oven and watch young eyes light up when they come out ready to eat.

      Nacho Bar - Who doesn’t love a pile of tortilla chips topped with melted cheese? Build on that by microwaving the base, then letting everyone choose from extra toppings, such as shredded chicken, cooked ground beef, chopped tomatoes, kernel corn and beans. Watching others pile on their favorite toppings may encourage reluctant little eaters.

      Pancake or Waffle Buffet - Cook up a batch of pancakes or waffles, keeping them warm in the oven. If your kids are old enough, they can help make the batter or turn pancakes on the grill. Set out syrup if that’s a must, but add a few options like sliced bananas, fresh or thawed berries and little extras like chopped nuts, raisins, shredded coconut or chocolate chips.

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Make Exercise Fun for Your Kids

      1 December 2020

      Staying active is important for kids, but with the rise of technology, screens and video games, it can be hard to get, and keep, them interested. Get fit as a family with fun and exciting ways to keep your bodies moving.

      Whether you’re stuck indoors or eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, these activities and exercises can keep your kids, and the whole family, engaged and healthy.

      Daily Workout
      With a chalkboard or white board, each day you can create a list of five to 10 exercises. Get the family together and complete each workout, crossing them off as you go. Let your kids time themselves with a stopwatch for motivation. Set goals to encourage them and even offer a reward for a job well done. 

      Obstacle Course
      For an exciting outdoor activity, create an obstacle course from existing toys and sports equipment. Create age-appropriate challenges and encourage a bit of healthy competition to strengthen the body and the mind. For hot days, incorporate water features and even pull out some inflatable pool toys for some added fun. Once it is all set up, let them run and enjoy the course to test their coordination.

      Scavenger Hunt
      The best part of a scavenger hunt is that it can be done practically anywhere. Whether in the house, out in the yard or even on a hike, a scavenger hunt keeps your kids active and allows a bit of exploration. Create your own rules, such as a time limit, awards and even break up into teams for some added competition.

      Family Yoga 
      If you’re looking for a quieter and more calming alternative for staying active, yoga is a great choice. With endless free classes online and on demand, you and your children can create your own oasis right in the comfort of your living room. Put on some calming music and follow along to an instructor, or create your own yoga program that fits each of your needs. 

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Hosting Holiday Guests in Limited Space

      30 November 2020

      With more people working from home this year, space has become a priority, and what once may have been a rarely used guest room may now be an office or school room. What to do with the holidays coming and guests on their way to visit?

      If it’s a working space, there may be little you can do to keep from working in it when you need to. But assuming a bed is still in the room, you can make sure this space becomes a cozy retreat for guests once your working hours are over.    

      Most guests don’t require much to make them feel at home. Here are seven tips to ensure your guest will feel both comfortable and welcome:

      Make Room in the Closet - It’s frustrating to live out of a suitcase, so be sure there is space in the closet—and empty hangers—even if it means cramming your own closet with seasonal garb during your guest’s visit. 

      Add Fresh Flowers - Little makes a guest feel more welcome than being greeted with fresh flowers. Put a vase in the room—albeit a small one—with flowers purchased or from your garden.

      Set a Welcoming Bed - If the guest bed linens or comforter looks tired, this would be a good time to replace them. 

      Keep Towels Handy - Some guests hesitate to ask for what they need. Stock a basket in the guest bedroom or bath with plenty of towels, plus extra soap and any accessories or cosmetics you think your guest may need. 

      Provide Bedside Reading - Some people need to wind down before they can sleep. Stock the bedside with a few current magazines or books. If you’re not sure about your guest’s taste, leave a few you’ve read and enjoyed.

      Share the Wi-Fi Password - A guest who doesn’t get onto your wi-fi earlier may want it when settling down for the night. Leave the number prominently displayed in a note on the pillow.

      Provide Daytime Nap Space - If you’re working in the guest room by day and your guest is either elderly, has young children or is an avid napper, be sure they know the best space where they can enjoy a daytime snooze.

      Published with permission from RISMedia.

    • Get Organized for an Envy-Worthy Garage

      30 November 2020

      (Family Features) A garage may not be the focal point of your home, but it likely plays a significant role in your family’s everyday life. Keeping the garage tidy can help you get the most out of the space, no matter how you use it.

      Get your garage spruced up and ready to deliver the storage and workspace you need with these tips from the organization experts at ClosetMaid.

      Start by sorting. Garages tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, some of it useful and much of it not. Begin your garage clean-out by sorting your belongings into groups. The items you no longer need can be divided further into sell, donate and trash piles. For the things you’re keeping, try to create groups of like items, which can make it easier to organize later.

      Empty as much as you can. Cleaning out the garage is one of those jobs that typically gets messier before it gets cleaner. Removing as much of the contents of your garage as possible can make it easier to reach all the nooks and crannies for a more complete cleaning. 

      Give it a power scrub. Clean every surface to remove dust, dirt and debris. This means everything from sweeping floors and wiping down counters to brushing away cobwebs from the ceiling. If possible, use a hose to clean the floor thoroughly and remove buildup tracked in from your vehicle tires. Be thorough and use a critical eye. Don’t overlook details like light switches or the wall behind the trash can.  

      Make storage easy. With a clean slate, it’s the perfect time to rethink your organization and put things in place with storage units designed to stand up to the wear and tear of the environment. One option is the ProGarage line from ClosetMaid. This customizable collection of professional-quality garage and workspace storage is made of 24-gauge steel cabinetry for maximum durability. You can choose from a variety of cabinet sizes with floor mount and wall mount options, as well as worktable or tabletop. Each piece features full-length extruded aluminum handles for easy opening and closing, adjustable legs to keep cabinets level on sloped floors, caster wheels for portability and a lock and key for security.

      Put things back in place. If you take the time to separate items as you sort and purge in the beginning, this last step will be quick and painless. Now that the space is clean and you have storage space ready to fill, it’s time to begin moving everything back into place. Put similar items together. Keep the things you use most often in easy reach and stash others on higher shelves. 

      Before you close the doors and call it a day, be sure to show everyone, including the kids, where things belong. Your garage may get dirty again quickly, but with some help from the family, you can at least keep it picked up and usable longer. Find more helpful tips for keeping every part of your home organized like a pro at

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